Bring your ideas and help plan and create new ways to incorporate garden experiences into the school day for our scholars. 

Here are just a few of the ways our Malcom scholars use the garden...

Entrepreneurial Experience

4th and 5th Grade Scholars


Our 4th and 5th grade scholars have the opportunity to become involved in an Entrepreneurial Experience that involves making a business plan that incorporates the garden.  The group of scholars will work as a team to brainstorm, plan and create a product to sell.  Scholars learn responsibility and valuable skills such as how to make spreadsheets, manage expenses/ profits,  organize and execute a business plan together as a team.  


3rd Grade Garden Leaders

3rd Grade Scholars

One of our most popular garden experiences!  Our 3rd graders are given the opportunity to become "Garden Leaders."  As a Garden Leader, they will learn the ins and outs of gardening and will be allowed to regularly spend recesses in the garden learning and caring for our school garden.  The Garden Leaders will also take a Leadership role as they spend time teaching our younger Kindergarten thru 2nd grade scholars what they have learned.


Garden Fundraisers
Throughout the school year, our scholars will make wonderful garden related items to sell.  Different classes and grades will participate in creating and assembling gift items to be sold before and after school.  100% of the profits received benefit the school garden.  Keep your eyes and ears out around Springtime and the Holidays for Garden sale announcements...these items usually sell out super fast!!!
Chickens in the Garden!


What a fun and unique learning experience for our scholars!  The Malcom garden has teamed up with Community Coop and OC Shelter Partnersand with a partial donation from The Smart Chicken Coop,  we are a foster home for a few happy hens!  The hens live in our garden enclosed in a coop and run.  Parents and Scholars who are a part of the Chicken Team will have the opportunity to learn all about chickens, feed and care for them and collect their fresh eggs!  If you are interested in joining Malcom's Chicken Team, you will find a Sign up on the Volunteer Opportunities Page.

Earth Day Celebration

April (DATE TBD) 2:05p.m. After School


Check back for more info - You don't want to miss this event! 

Malcom Garden Calendar

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