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Welcome Malcom Garden Parents!

*All Garden Parents must be Tier 1 Volunteer Cleared


Thank you so much for getting involved with the Malcom Garden Program.  We are so lucky to have this beautiful school garden and with your help, our students can get in touch with nature and really enjoy this

wonderful resource during their school day.    

As a MGP (Malcom Garden Parent) you will be responsible for leading your child’s class with garden activities throughout the school year, such as:

  • Working with your teacher to coordinate days and times that are convenient to bring your class into the garden.  You will need to set up a class garden visit at least once a month.  You can coordinate with your teacher to bring small groups at a time and rotate students - if that works best for your class.


  • Watering and maintaining your classes designated raised garden bed.  Your class will have an assigned garden bed, please make sure it is taken care of and watered regularly.You may either take this job on by yourself or feel free to create a rotating schedule and ask other class parents to help with their children.


  • Each class will be able to choose a regular “Special Garden Task” in the garden.  Full instructions will be provided once the task is chosen and may include: adding materials to the worm bins (shredded newspaper, water, etc.), planting seeds or flowers in the butterfly garden, turning the compost pile with a shovel, making nectar and filling the hummingbird feeders, etc.


  • As a Malcom Garden Parent, you will be the go-to person when your teacher would like to take the class to the garden for a lesson or activity.  You will need to accompany (or have a designated parent who is Tier 1 cleared) to assist while your class is in the garden.  It is important to remind all students of garden rules and safety.


One of the great things about this role is that you have the opportunity to be creative!

Feel free to send an email and a volunteer will get back to you -

Click here to send us an email.

Echinacea Coneflowers
Garden Parent

Garden Parent Information Flyer

A printable flyer explaining what a Classroom Garden Parent does.


Rules to Follow When Visiting The Garden

Guidelines and rules for students while visiting the garden.

Autumn Leaves
Activity Ideas


Lesson & Activity Ideas

A wonderful resource to help  kick off the new school year!   You will find a lot of Fall activities you can do with your class in the garden.

Fresh Organic Vegetables

Planting Cheat Sheet

A month by month list of what to plant and when in Southern California

Organic Home Garden

Top 10 Easiest Crops to Grow - No Fuss Favorites

A great list of what and when to plant for some super easy growing crops.


Tier 1 Volunteer Clearance

All Classroom Garden Parents are required to be cleared as a Tier 1 volunteer thru CUSD.

Gardening Tools

Supply Request Forms

If you would like to request supplies to use with your class in the garden, please complete this form and leave in the garden mail box in the front office.

Kinder - 3rd

Grades K-3rd Classroom Activity and Lesson Outline

Use this guide to spark ideas about the things you can do with your Kindergarteners thru 3rd graders in the garden.

Yellow Daffodil Close Up

Tips for Working with Children in School Gardens

Information that you might find useful for keeping students engaged and interested while working in the garden.

New Growth

Top 10 Easiest Crops to Grow From Seed - Directly in the Ground

Another helpful list of which seeds and when to plant for some super easy growing.

Bullet Journal
Schedule a Visit

Scheduling a Garden  Visit for Your Class

Please use the online booking tool to reserve a spot for your class in the garden.

Fall Market

Back to school - Fall

Classroom Garden Parent Newsletter

Ideas & Activities to do with your class this Fall in the garden.

Purple Statice 2
3rd - 5th

Grades 3-5th Classroom Activity and Lesson Outline

Use this guide to spark ideas about the things you can do with your 3rd thru 5th graders in the garden.

Examining Crops

Top 10 Best Crops for Kids

A helpful list of what and when to plant for some kid-friendly crops.

Potatoes and Roots

Chart for a Year of Growing Vegetables

This chart will help you determine when the best time is to plant specific vegetables from seed.

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