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Activity & Lesson Ideas for

October & November

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Holiday Pumpkin


Some great ideas for Fall, but feel free to use these lessons and activities anytime during the year.

Holiday Pumpkin
Seed Starting Lesson Plan K-3

Students learn about seeds and experiment with how they germinate and grow.

Celebrating Apples Activity K-5

Overview: Apples are a fun fruit to grow, explore, and enjoy. You can grow them yourself, pick them at a local orchard, or buy them at your local farmer’s market or grocery store.

Nature Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

Have your class go on a nature scavenger hunt with this printable page. 

Scavenger Hunt Activity K-5

 A scavenger hunt can be a fun way to encourage young gardeners to practice using their observation skills - A step by step on how you can do just that.

Garden Planning Activity K-5

Students learn what people need to create a successful a garden and what plants need to thrive. Through a hands-on activity, students learn about mapping and construct a “bird’s-eye-view” picture of a garden bed. Through a reflection process, students work together to make group decisions in planning a classroom garden.

Introduction to Watering Activity K-3

Children will learn that plants need water just like people and animals need water. They will explore dry and wet soil and be able to describe the difference between them. Children will practice testing soil for dampness using their fingers. Children will be introduced to a rain gauge and its purpose.

Garden Signs Lesson Plan Activity K-5

Students will learn to identify plants in the garden and work together to make garden signs

Planting in the Garden Activity K-5

Lead students in choosing what to plant, planning, and planting their fall garden.

Searching the Garden Safely Activity K-5

Students learn appropriate garden behavior and apply their new knowledge to explore the garden safely.  
Goals:  As a class, students will create “garden tips” that will teach and reinforce appropriate garden behavior.   Students will use their senses to explore and investigate the world around them.

Seed Ball Activity K-3

Seed balls are fun to make and offer an inexpensive way to sow native plants and flowers.  Please view the "seed bomb poem" below if you choose the seed ball activity.

Seed Bomb Poem

A fun addition to the seed ball activity!

Theme Garden Ideas K-5

Theme gardens are an excellent way to foster the love of gardening with your children. The inspiration for a theme garden can come from many things like a story, a favorite food, a favorite color, a historical event, or a favorite animal. As you brainstorm, let your younger gardener’s imagination run wild and then search for plant that help you achieve your chosen theme (and that will grow well in your area).


Some great ideas for Fall, but feel free to use these lessons and activities anytime during the year.

Simple Maple Leaves
Simple Maple Leaves
Garden Alphabet Word Strips Activity -
Grades K-3

See how many different things your class can find while practicing the Alphabet.

Changing Seasons and Changing Leaves

Teach students about changing seasons and the season of autumn.

Garden Alphabet Book - Grades K-3

Students will make observations and build an understanding of the properties of common objects in the garden. They will share information about what is in the garden by describing the objects through illustration and descriptive writing.  

Eating in Season Activity - Grades 3-5

Guide students in using scientific inquiry to design a seasonal taste test and investigate what produce is grown nearby seasonally, if locally grown foods tastes better, and what other factors might play a role in flavor. Groups will graph and summarize results and the class has the opportunity to discuss benefits of seasonal meal planning and eating locally grown products.

Eating in Season - Student Work Sheet

List all the fruits and vegetables you can find being grown and sold in your area right now. 

Egg Investigation Activity - Grades 3-5

Students investigate different colored eggs and compare differences between farmers market and grocery store eggs.  Be sure to view the Egg Investigation Worksheet below if you choose this activity!

Egg Investigation Worksheet - Grades 3-5

A worksheet that can be used for the Egg Investigation Acvtivity.

Eat a Rainbow - Grades 3-5

 Students will learn about the health benefits of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables.


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