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Landscape Designer Needed & Also Help with Irrigation!

If any of you wonderful parents happens to be a Landscape designer (or know one) and would be willing to help us out, we would LOVE to talk to you! We would like to do some "remodeling" around the garden and could use a bit of design help. We want to redesign our butterfly garden area as well as work on creating an outdoor classroom. We would love to have some help with design ideas so that we can get our ideas on paper and possibly apply for a grant to help us make this happen for our Malcom scholars!

We are also in need of someone who can help us with irrigation in the garden. Currently everything is watered by hand and this can be very time consuming since it is done on a daily basis! We would love to have drip irrigation installed and put on a solar timer so that the garden volunteers can utilize their volunteer time more efficiently in the garden. If anyone can help us out with the actual project or by giving us referrals, we would greatly appreciate it!

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