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Quick and Flexible Volunteer Jobs in the Malcom Garden!

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Would you like to help in the garden but don’t have much time or can’t commit to helping during the school day!

We have many small jobs that you can do on your own schedule and would appreciate your help!

If you see something below that you can help with, please sign up on the Signup Genius or send us an email.

We will contact you to arrange training or to provide you with instructions if needed.

Thank you for supporting the Malcom school garden!


Below are some examples of how you can help:

*Pick up free coffee grounds from Peets or Starbucks

*Pick up Green Waste from a local farmers’ markets

*Bring fruit and vegetable waste from home for the compost and worms (no citrus or onions)

*Collect egg shells and wash for compost

*Cut up toilet rolls for the compost (a good source of carbon). Toilet rolls will be collected by Malcom Students

*Turn the compost. Training will be given. Compost is turned weekly so that it can be sifted on a Tuesday at first recess. Each volunteer will turn the compost once a month.

*Drop off shredded black and white newspaper for worm bedding

*Deadhead flowers in the butterfly garden

*Remove mint and basil flowers

*Make nectar for the hummingbird feeders (recipe will be provided)

*Fill the hummingbird feeders

*Put out orange slices out for the butterflies

*Clean the sunflower water bowl and glass beads and keep filled with fresh water

*Weekend Watering - Choose a weekend and Sign up HERE

*Help harvest for the farm stand which will be held every 2 weeks on a Thursday as produce is available. *Starting in October*

*Volunteers to help with installing a drip system in the garden working alongside an irrigation specialist. Project will hopefully be completed this fall.

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