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Whole Kids Foundation and American Heart Association Garden Lessons

35 Lesson Plans and Activities. The lessons are cross-curricular and support curriculum for Pre-K-5th grade.  The National Content Standards addressed in each lesson, NGSS and CCSS.



School Garden Project

The School Garden Project has developed standards-based garden curriculum with lessons and activities aligned to NGSS and CCSS.

NGSS in the garden provides a series of lessons with a focus on exploration of life and earth science.  Each lesson contains a variety of activities which can be combined and adapted for lessons that range from basic to complex.

STEM in the garden is a series of lessons, including a 10 lesson unit on Soil aimed at grades 3 to 5 and a 10 lesson unit on plant parts and function aimed at grades 2 to 4. Each unit strives to incorporate science, technology, engineering, and math through a variety of hands-on activities.



Growing Minds

Growing Minds focuses on Grades K to 2 but have also developed some lessons for grades 3 to 5.  They also incorporate language arts into their garden lessons and activities.

Growing minds have an ever-growing searchable database of books which are perfect for teaching about gardening and food.


California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom

The California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating youth throughout California about the importance of agriculture in their daily lives. They have developed materials that are “teacher-tested and scientifically sound to enhance the educational experience of K-12 students”, including a series of lessons that are aligned to California State Standards

The also provide a National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix which is an online, searchable, and standards based curriculum map for K-12 teachers.


Big Green

Big Green is a school garden non profit school garden organization established by Elon Musk’s younger brother Kimbal.  Most of their curriculum is not available unless you are a big green school but some of their lessons are available using this link  

Each lesson is aligned to NGSS and Common Core and is available for grades K to 2 and grades 3 to 5.

There is a lot of good “how to” information on their website including

How to manage a class in the garden

Talking points with students

How to’s in a garden including video links

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